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Distinto Cafe.

Distinto Cafe is an independent cafe & bistro located in the heart of Leeds city centre. Distonto are passionate about promoting coffee culture, they came to Rework looking for a website that showcased their venue and passion for coffee.

Distinto Cafe website design

Promoting Coffee Culture

We created a simple design that quietly sat next to the stunning photos of the food and venue at Distinto Cafe. We worked with Distinto to ensure the brand took center stage.

Distinto wanted minimalist, modern, considered and most importantly simple and easy to use. Rework focused on the details to ensure the end result was a simple and easy to navigate website that was still bold and beautiful.

Distinto Cafe website design

A Website That Works

Even though this was a completely new website for Distinto Cafe it immediately started to perform well, coming up high in search results for key search terms.

Distinto Cafe mobile website design
Distinto Cafe mobile website design
Distinto Cafe mobile website design

A Continuing Relationship

Rework are happy to work with Distinto on an ongoing basies to help to increase traffic and in developing a strong digital presence for the growing local brand.


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